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I came across a post on “Justifying Marketing Budgets By Using BI on Dashboardinsight.com

Extending discussion in this article and taking it at a bit lower level: What type of metrics can be used by marketing to justify the budgets? There are several supporting metrics (beyond core metrics around brand awareness and campaign success in generating leads etc….) and data points which marketing should not overlook in justifying budgets. Following is a sample of some metrics

  1. Marketing can co-relate positive changes in organizational KPI’s/metrics based on achievements of the marketing. For example with increase in brand awareness or after winning industry awards/or mentions..  What is the increase in ASP?, increase in win rates  or decrease in sales cycles.
  2. How marketing’s efforts in positioning against competition has resulted in increased win rates against competition or reduction in days it takes to close the deals or stopped price deterioration when in competing deals.
  3. Demonstrate how the lead gen activity has helped sales with the increased pipeline. Most of the integrated campaign management tools today provide visibility into pipeline generated as a result of direct marketing activity.
  4. How changes in bundling or positioning of product has resulted in increased sales of the product or increase in ASP and Win Rates.

I think that marketing makes a greater impact on the organizational top/bottom line. Marketing should take its time and get into the details of incremental value added to the top and bottom line of the organization through correlative metrics such as described above.

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